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Remington WDF 7000

Remington WDF-7000Remington WDF-7000 Smooth & Silky Rechargeable Womens Foil Cleaning System

Remington manufactures some of the best men and women's electric shavers. The Remington WDF 7000 is a good buy. This electric shaver for women and features titanium technology and the first cleaning system for women's electric shavers.

Comfortable shave
The WDF 7000 model is a good product and after a few month of use, you can be sure you will never go back to disposable razors. The hypoallergenic safescreens will give you a quick, close and comfortable result with no cuts or irritation after shaving, even with sensitive skins. Also, the use of women's electric shavers reduces the chance of ingrown hair.

Cleaning system
The Remington WDF 7000 features a cleaning system. The manufacturer claims that filters off the hair of your blade while shaving, to keep you shaver clean throughout and after the use. However some customers have complained that the head tend to actually look dirtier after a shaving since the smaller hair are not filtered properly and are recycled to the top of the head. Nevertheless, the cleaning system will filter the longer or bigger hair and reduce the mess, especially if you are shaving dry. Moreover, a light indicates when the system needs to be cleaned or recharged. The solution also lubricated the blade as they are are passing through the solution, and keeps the shaver like new longer.

Trimmers for more convenience
Two SmoothCut trimmers with dual direction provide quick results. The SmoothCut trimmers are also great for the Bikini line, missed hairs, and multiple day growth. The WDF7000 provides clean results in or out of the shower. All this, plus a cleaning system!

Overall, the Remington WDF 7000 is a good, but not outstanding electric razor. The gold foils causes no irritation, the safescreens protect your skin from cuts (no cuts ever again!), the cleaner does a somewhat good job at keeping the shaver clean (up to 25 use). The shaver can be used wet or dry, has a great design and is easy to grip. At its original value price (99$), the Remington WDF 7000 would be an overpriced product, but for it value on Amazon (between 25$-30$ at Amazon), this ladies electric razor will exceed your expectations. Again, remember that an electric shaver will not shave as close as a disposable razor, but give you lots of convenience. This electric shaver is however somewhat noisy, so if you are looking for perfect discretion, this is not the product to buy. But if you don't mind a little bit of noise, and are looking for a good product at an affordable price, we recommend the Remington WDF 7000.

For more information about the Remington ladies electric razors, visit Women's Electric Shavers.

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