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Remington WDF 6000

Remington WDF-6000 Smooth & Silky Ultra Plus Shaver RechargeableRemington WDF-6000 Smooth & Silky Ultra Plus Shaver, Rechargeable
Who said close shaving could not go with comfort? The Remington WDF 600 is a rechargeable electric razor and with its gold-plated foils and titanium-coated trimmers, this rechargeable shaver is surprisingly comfortable and gives a very close shave. You can use this women's electric shaver dry or wet. The Body Contour SafescreensTM will follow you curves for better results : a smooth skin with a lot less irritation than a manual shaver. For your convenience, the SmoothCutTM trimmers can be used in both directions. With its international voltage, this electric razor can be used worldwide.

Cleaning of the Remington WDF 600 is easy and fast, and a light flashes to indicate that you are running out of battery. The battery last up to 45 minutes, a great advantage for the ladies who like to take their time in the bath. The Remington WDF 600 was well designed to easily access all parts of the body. Overall, the Remington WDF 600 is a great purchase.

Causes no irritation
Has a very nice grip
A red light indicated when it is time to recharge the device
The shaver is easy to clean
You can simply leave the Remington WDF 600 on the charger at all time so you don't have to worry about recharging
Is comfortable
Give a shaving almost as close as a manual razor
Does a great job without missing hair
Can be used in or out the shower

This Remington shaver is very loud, not good if you need discretion!
Is not as fast as other electric shavers
Doesn't give the results of a manual shaving

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