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Bikini Zone : shaving and waxing

bikiniShaving and waxing the ladies' business is something more and more women do. This trend is especially true with the younger generation.

Shaving of the bikini zone is part of our western culture. Often, celebrities, which serve as role models for new trends, shave or wax their bikini zone (think Gwyneth Platrow and Naomi Campbell). Hence with the new media, women are now more aware of it through forums, blogs, magazines and simply by exchanging tips with their friends. Long gone the time where shaving of the bikini zone was one of society's taboo.

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So it is not surprising that there are a lot of bikini shaving accessories available in most cosmetic stores or department. They are very affordable and women often have other options as well in terms of hair removal, including waxing. But because shaving is so much faster, easier and painless, most women opt for shaving their bikini zone rather than waxing. Also, companies are well aware of the trends and women's electric shavers have been developed to ease the shaving of the bikini area.

So why do women shave? For several reasons. First, for aesthetic reasons. A lot of women simply think it looks better and feel more sexy this way. Second, there is a strong trend today for hair free bodies. This trend can also be seen on men, who often shave their chest. Third, wearing small bikinis and thongs make shaving almost a necessity, shaving reduces the chance of showing some hairs accidentally.

Shaving doesn't mean that you need to shave it all off. Let's see some of the most popular shaving or waxing style

Style #1 - The regular bikini.
You remove just enough hair so it doesn't show out of the panty or bikini line.

Style #2 - The full bikini.
You remove more hair than with the regular bikini, shaping a "triangle".

Style #3 - The French bikini wax.
This style removes all the hair off at the front except for a strip and continues just before the back (before the bum). The French bikini wax is done your esthetician.

Style #4 - The Brazilian bikini wax.
This style removes any hair you have, from the bikini line all the way to the back (including your bum). A painful but beautiful option done by your favorite esthetician.

But the styles does not end here. You can be creative : heart, butterfly, upward or downward triangle, many women like to surprise their other one with fun bikini styles.

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5 great shaving tips

Over the last century, fashion has brought short skirts and short shorts in our wardrobe. Bare legs has lead to an increase in leg shaving and hair removal in women.

Today, most women would never think of ever going out in a short skirt and hairy legs. Women from all around the world are looking for the best way to get rid of hair, whether it is on the leg, under the armpit, on the face or on the bikini area. While waxing and laser hair removal are becoming more and more popular, shaving remains the favorite way to remove unwanted hair for two reasons. First, it is the least expensive. Then, it doesn't hurt, or not as much as waxing or laser treatment. So here are 5 shaving tips to ensure that you are shaving the right way to decrease the chances of nicks and cut and irritation so commonly found with shaving.

1. Start with a hot shower. A hot shower will allow your hair to soften and your skin to moisten. This is especially true if you are shaving dry, with a women's electric shaver. Softer hair will allow a closer shave, and moist skin will decrease the risks of irritation and nicks.

2. Test your razor, ask for recommendation, read reviews online. Know your skin. Do you have a sensitive skin? If so, an electric shaver may work better for you as they don't shave quite as close as a regular blade. If you still want to use a manual blade, make sure to choose a hypoallergenic brand to reduce the chance of irritation. Decide what type of shaver your prefer. Electric vs manual. Each has their advantages and their disadvantages. Read about them and read reviews.

3. A sharp blade is the key to a close shave. So make sure to change your razors or cartridges on a regular basis. A dull blade will force you to put more pressure on the shaver, increasing the risks of nicks and scratches.

4. Exfoliate! Regularly exfoliate. Before shaving is even better. It will help you get rid of dead skin cells. Those dead skin cells could clog up your razor, eventually preventing it to give you a close shave. Exfoliating also allows ingrown hairs to pop out, giving you an even smoother skin.

5. After shaving, make sure to always moisturize, either with oil or with a moisturizer. After shaving, your skin tend to be more dry and moisturizing will help your skin regenerate faster, decreasing the chance of rash and irritation.

We hope that with all these tips, you'll be able to avoid nicks, cuts and irritation while using your shaver.

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Remington WDF 3500

Remington Smooth and Silky Rechargeable Womens Shaver - WDF3500Remington Smooth and Silky Rechargeable Women's Shaver - WDF3500

The hunt for women's electric shavers has started? You have been comparing reviews for hours (even days!) and are still undecided. It is easy to be skeptical in this society where there are so many products, brands, models that it is difficult to make the distinction between the good and the bad ones.

Because so many women are tired of getting nicks and cuts, razor bumps, irritations, burns from disposable shavers, because they are tired of having to change the not so cheap blades and cartridge so often, many women prefer the convenience of women's electric shavers.

Remington is a well-known brand among men's electric shavers (your husband, boyfriend, brother or father probably has heard about the MicroFlex or the MicroScreen) and is now also a leader for women's electric shavers.

The Remington WDF 3500 makes is the reason why Remington is such a great brand. This ladies electric razor is the favorite of many ladies, and for good reasons. If you have suffered in silence years of razors burns, infections, irritations, you will love this Remington WDF 3500. This electric shaver comes in a purple color and features a floating trimmer. The ultra-flexing and extra wide foils will smoothly glide over your curves and leave no stubble behind.

The Remington WDF 3500 compares well to some more sophisticated women's electric shavers when it comes to shaving. The trimmer is not a pop-up like the higher-end models, but the angling is quite easy. Overall, women who have tried the Remington WDF 3500 are very satisfied with their choice and would recommend this model to their friends.

Women's electric shavers tips
First, to maximize the shave, it is preferable, to shower first, towel off your hair. This way, you hair will be much more softer and the machine will have a much easier time cutting the hair, hence giving you a closer shave.
Second, when you first use your women's electric shavers, make sure you charge them for at least a day. When you first receive your electric shaver, the battery can sometimes be totally empty. By allowing more charging time, you can be sure you will have a fully charged battery and more performance.
Third, make sure to clean the heads after each use (as indicated in the user's manual). By doing so, you will keep your ladies electric shaver in good working order. If you doing clean your shaver, the hair may start clogging the head, and you will end up with a less efficient shaver.
Fourth, try this if you have some spots that seems to be less closely shaved. Shave as normally then start doing small circular motions when you can't seem to get the close shaving you want to in that specific area. This allows the blade to go over more often, and you will get a much closer shave.

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