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Ladies Electric Razor

Why You Should Get a Ladies Electric Razor

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History of shaving in women

Shaving has been part of human practice for thousands of years. But shaving has become a standard in the Western culture in only the past century. As a matter of fact, two factors has influenced this practice among women : the apparition of safety blades, making shaving more safe, and the revolution of women's apparel, women are showing more and more skin.

What is an electric razor
An electric razor is powered by a small motor and uses an oscillating or a rotating blade. Most electric shavers does not require other products such as soap or shaving cream. First patented for men use, the use of electric razors among women became more popular after the second world war. While early versions of ladies electric razors were for dry use only, it is now possible to use a ladies electric razor wet or dry, therefore giving the convenience of using while bathing.

When was it invented
The first ladies electric razor was invented in 1928 by Jacob Schick. Many women now own a ladies electric razor and find it very convenient to use.

Ladies Electric Razor: Pros/Cons

But remember, it's your call, some women like it and swear only by a ladies electric razor, while other can't stand women's electric shavers and resort to other products such as the old-fashioned manual razor, Nair, epilation or waxing.

What are the disadvantages
Let's start with the disadvantages of women's electric shavers, as there are so few of them! The main disadvantage is that using a ladies electric razor will not give you the same results as a manual razor. The blades of women's electric shavers will not come as in close contact as the manual blade. This is mainly because of the way women's electric shavers work. Also, a ladies electric razor will be much more expensive than a manual razor.

What are the advantages
Well, there are numerous advantages to using an electric shaver! First, they will reduce the number of cuts. Hence, the disadvantage of a less close shaving give you the advantage of reducing the chances of getting a cut. Also, because the shaving is less close than with the manual one, it will not leave your skin irritated. Also, a ladies electric razor can be used dry or wet. Missed a spot in the shower? You won't have to jump in the shower again to redo your legs, you can simply take out your ladies electric razor and finish the job! While they seem much more expensive than a manual shaver, remember that women's electric shavers will last you a long time! Some customers have happily used their ladies electric razor for over 10 years!

What Ladies Electric Razor brands are the most popular
Clio, Conair, Panasonic, Philips Norelco, Remington, Revlon

Difference between men's and women's electric shavers
Simply the cost and the power of the engine. Because a beard is much more thick and the hair found on the leg is much finer, an electric shaver for a men has to be much more powerful. However, who says increased power also says increased cost. While a ladies electric razor will cost only $20-$40, a men's electric shaver can cost over $200! And while we're there, women can also use a men's electric shavers! If you find that your hair is thicker, a men's electric shaver may do a better job for you than a ladies electric razor.

Where can you buy them
In store (e.g. Zellers, Wal-Mart, London Drugs) or online (e.g. Amazon.com, Target.com, etc)

Ladies Electric Razor Recommendations:

We recommend

Visit http://www.womens-electric-shavers.com/ for more information about owning a ladies electric razor.

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