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Remington WDF 3500

Remington Smooth and Silky Rechargeable Womens Shaver - WDF3500Remington Smooth and Silky Rechargeable Women's Shaver - WDF3500

The hunt for women's electric shavers has started? You have been comparing reviews for hours (even days!) and are still undecided. It is easy to be skeptical in this society where there are so many products, brands, models that it is difficult to make the distinction between the good and the bad ones.

Because so many women are tired of getting nicks and cuts, razor bumps, irritations, burns from disposable shavers, because they are tired of having to change the not so cheap blades and cartridge so often, many women prefer the convenience of women's electric shavers.

Remington is a well-known brand among men's electric shavers (your husband, boyfriend, brother or father probably has heard about the MicroFlex or the MicroScreen) and is now also a leader for women's electric shavers.

The Remington WDF 3500 makes is the reason why Remington is such a great brand. This ladies electric razor is the favorite of many ladies, and for good reasons. If you have suffered in silence years of razors burns, infections, irritations, you will love this Remington WDF 3500. This electric shaver comes in a purple color and features a floating trimmer. The ultra-flexing and extra wide foils will smoothly glide over your curves and leave no stubble behind.

The Remington WDF 3500 compares well to some more sophisticated women's electric shavers when it comes to shaving. The trimmer is not a pop-up like the higher-end models, but the angling is quite easy. Overall, women who have tried the Remington WDF 3500 are very satisfied with their choice and would recommend this model to their friends.

Women's electric shavers tips
First, to maximize the shave, it is preferable, to shower first, towel off your hair. This way, you hair will be much more softer and the machine will have a much easier time cutting the hair, hence giving you a closer shave.
Second, when you first use your women's electric shavers, make sure you charge them for at least a day. When you first receive your electric shaver, the battery can sometimes be totally empty. By allowing more charging time, you can be sure you will have a fully charged battery and more performance.
Third, make sure to clean the heads after each use (as indicated in the user's manual). By doing so, you will keep your ladies electric shaver in good working order. If you doing clean your shaver, the hair may start clogging the head, and you will end up with a less efficient shaver.
Fourth, try this if you have some spots that seems to be less closely shaved. Shave as normally then start doing small circular motions when you can't seem to get the close shaving you want to in that specific area. This allows the blade to go over more often, and you will get a much closer shave.

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Remington WDF 1600

Remington WDF-1600Remington WDF-1600 Smooth & Silky Ultra Shaver, Rechargeable
Happy camper!

The Remington WDF 1600 Smooth & Silky Ultra Shaver is a surprisingly good shaver for its price : less than 20 bucks! The Schick and Gillette disposable razors do a great job at giving you extra smooth legs and skin. While they seem pretty inexpensive, on the long run they can cost you a lot! Many women are undecided on whether they should try women's electric shavers instead of their disposable razors. More than anything else, the cost of women's electric shavers are the main reason many have not yet made the decision of trying an electric razor. And for good reasons, I too would be hesitant to spend 50 dollars on a product I have no idea I will like it or not. Reviews are usually a good indication of the quality of the product, but still, you have to remember that every women is different and their skin may respond different to the use of women's electric shavers versus manual razors.

This is why the Remington WDF 1600 is such a great product! As a matter of fact, the Remington WDF 1600 cost only 19.99$, and this is not when Amazon.com does not have a sale on the item! And if you buy for 25$, this products is elligible for free super saver shipping (why not get yourself a book and save yourself the cost of a shipping, Amazon is also great for books sales!).

For less than 20 bucks, there is no reasons for more hesitation for not trying women's electric shavers. Plus reviews of the Remington WDF 1600 are good too! This ladies electric razor features a "Body Contour Safescreens" that will nicely hug the curves of your body, which allows a quicker but especially closer and more comfy result. Two "SafescreensTM Protect" protect your skin from nicks and cuts, and you will experience no more razor burns after shaving (disposable razor : the advantage of an extremely close shaving and the disadvantage of an extremely close shaving...). If you happen to experience irritations and burns, here's a tip : make sure you are not pushing too hard on the head of the shaver, simply let it glide over the surface of your skin. If this happens to you, just be patient, women's electric shavers are not difficult to use, but there is always the awkward first times!

Moreover, the Remington WDF 1600 includes a SmoothCutTM trimmer that can be used to clean your bikini line or quickly get rid of some missed hairs. And this electric razor can be used dry or wet, whatever your preference is.

The only real criticism about this model is that, while it is quite inexpensive, the replacement parts are actually more expensive than the razor itself! But hey, at this price, when time comes to change the head, just get a new one (or order 2 to get your 25$ and free shipment =)

The Remington WDF 1600 does a pretty good job, a close shave, no irritation or redness, overall no complaints about the performance of this women's electric shaver, especially at this price! So if you are comparing women's electric shavers, and are looking for an inexpensive one to try, or even if you are a long-time user of women's electric shavers, you will not be disappointed with this electric razor.


For more information, visit http://www.womens-electric-shavers.com/.


Remington WDF 7000

Remington WDF-7000Remington WDF-7000 Smooth & Silky Rechargeable Womens Foil Cleaning System

Remington manufactures some of the best men and women's electric shavers. The Remington WDF 7000 is a good buy. This electric shaver for women and features titanium technology and the first cleaning system for women's electric shavers.

Comfortable shave
The WDF 7000 model is a good product and after a few month of use, you can be sure you will never go back to disposable razors. The hypoallergenic safescreens will give you a quick, close and comfortable result with no cuts or irritation after shaving, even with sensitive skins. Also, the use of women's electric shavers reduces the chance of ingrown hair.

Cleaning system
The Remington WDF 7000 features a cleaning system. The manufacturer claims that filters off the hair of your blade while shaving, to keep you shaver clean throughout and after the use. However some customers have complained that the head tend to actually look dirtier after a shaving since the smaller hair are not filtered properly and are recycled to the top of the head. Nevertheless, the cleaning system will filter the longer or bigger hair and reduce the mess, especially if you are shaving dry. Moreover, a light indicates when the system needs to be cleaned or recharged. The solution also lubricated the blade as they are are passing through the solution, and keeps the shaver like new longer.

Trimmers for more convenience
Two SmoothCut trimmers with dual direction provide quick results. The SmoothCut trimmers are also great for the Bikini line, missed hairs, and multiple day growth. The WDF7000 provides clean results in or out of the shower. All this, plus a cleaning system!

Overall, the Remington WDF 7000 is a good, but not outstanding electric razor. The gold foils causes no irritation, the safescreens protect your skin from cuts (no cuts ever again!), the cleaner does a somewhat good job at keeping the shaver clean (up to 25 use). The shaver can be used wet or dry, has a great design and is easy to grip. At its original value price (99$), the Remington WDF 7000 would be an overpriced product, but for it value on Amazon (between 25$-30$ at Amazon), this ladies electric razor will exceed your expectations. Again, remember that an electric shaver will not shave as close as a disposable razor, but give you lots of convenience. This electric shaver is however somewhat noisy, so if you are looking for perfect discretion, this is not the product to buy. But if you don't mind a little bit of noise, and are looking for a good product at an affordable price, we recommend the Remington WDF 7000.

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