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Conair electric shaver

You probably know Conair as a manufacturer of hair gadgets, such as hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons or hair cutting kits. Conair is well-known to make inexpensive and affordable personal products. If you like their products, you will probably be happy to add to your collection a Conair electric shaver.

Yes, Conair also makes other personal and home care products, including women's electric shavers.

Conair LWD375GCSThe Conair electric razor LWD375GCS Satiny Smooth Ladies' Wet/Dry is a great hair removal product to own. This women's electric razor features two independent floating cutters and foils, which work both under the shower, fully submerged in the bath or dry. This Conair shaver comes with two full size trimmers that will cut the hair short enough to allow a smooth and close shaving. This ladies electric razor is also rechargeable and each charge will hold 25 minutes, which give you plenty of time to finish your shaving session!

If you have tried many women's electric shavers and haven't found one that, at an affordable price, did the job you are looking for, try this electric razor. You might be pleasantly surprised! This Conair electric shaver will do the job fast, and will get you ready to shine in an instant! The Conair shaver will give you a relatively good shave. And the built-in pop-up bikini trimmer is a great extra. A light indicator will let you know if you have the device correctly in place. And cleaning of this women's electric shaver is done in a snap using the brush.

And for less than 30$, this is a great deal!

For more information, visit http://www.womens-electric-shavers.com/.